Pet of the Month for April 2024

This is Lexy, she is 17 years old, and will be 18 in June. Lexy is owned by one of our assistants, Shae, and is from her sister’s cat’s litter. She is also called Toothless because she has nearly the same personality as the dragon from How to Train Your Dragon. Even being an old kitty, she has not slowed down in her hunting or her playtime. However, in her old age, she has become more of a love bug as compared to her spicy younger self.

Pet of the Month for March 2024

Que is a 13 year old Quarter horse that is owned by our Assistant Izzy. She was rescued from a kill pet at a very young age. Que enjoys sunbathing in the warm sun, eating her favorite treats and barrel racing.

Pet of the Month for February 2024

Zoe has had Monkey since she was born about 3 years ago. She was the first out of 6 kittens and is polydactyl, which means she has lots of toes!! She’s a typical feisty calico and has 7 toes on each front paw and 5 toes on each back paw. She loves to play fetch with her toy mice when she can and loves snuggling with her human mom, cat mom and cat sister.

Pet of the Month for January 2024

Tilly is an almost 5 year old shepherd/cattle dog mix owned by our receptionist Allyson. She adopted her from a rescue group in Springfield, Oregon in 2020. At a year old, Tilly was found on the streets of San Jose, California where she was taken in by a local shelter. With the pandemic going on, the shelters started to fill up, so a rescue group from Sprinfield drove a few vans down there to bring some sweet pups to find their forever homes. I met Tilly at their adoption event and it was love at first sight! She is a bit scared of new people, but once she gets to know them she becomes their #1 fan! Tilly has made a lot of progress since I adopted her and I’m very proud of her. She loves chasing squirrels, hogging my entire bed, and getting lots of secret treats from Grandma!!

Pet of the Month for December 2023

Happy Holidays from Charlie, my almost 14 year old Border Collie. Charlie has been such a wonderful friend for many years. From going through my husband’s many deployments with me to help teach our now 12 year old son the love of animals. Charlie has been our “outfielder” when playing baseball and played soccer too! Charlie has also helped raise many bottle baby kittens through out the years and is now the “boss” of our 4 year old Border Collie mix Duke and two cats! Charlie is my heart and soul fur-baby. Happy Holidays from all of us to you! Jennifer~Office Manager.

Pet of the Month for November 2023

Eowyn was adopted by our receptionist, Sonda, from Cat Adoption Team in 2010. She is a feisty diva kitty, living up to the Tortie reputation. Despite her less than stellar behavior at the vet’s office, she is an affectionate kitty at home who likes to sleep on her owner whenever possible. She thinks biting is a valid part of the petting process and enjoys bullying the other cats at mealtime, parading through the house with a toy in her mouth and singing the songs of her people, and napping on warm heater vents.

Pet of the Month for October 2023
Lexi is an 8 year old Pitbull that our Veterinary Assistant Ravin adopted a little over 5 years ago. She is so expressive and make everyone around her smile. Her favorite things are playing fetch, snuggling under blankets and stealing peoples chairs. Opinions about Pitbulls are a big controversy, but Lexi has educated so many people that Pitbulls can be good dogs too!!

Pet of the Month for September 2023

Charlie is owned by one of our assistants, Tressa. He is a 10 year old Miniature poodle that was rescued off the streets of Sacramento. He loves his polar bear and hanging out with his mom.