Dental Care


Dental care is one of the most important things we can do to improve the quality of our pets’ lives.

Common signs of dental disease

  • No symptoms at all- the majority of pets with dental disease show no symptoms. They can not tell us when a tooth is aching and will not stop eating until there is extreme dental disease.

  • Bad breath

  • Loose teeth

  • Drooling or dropping food

  • Blood in mouth

  • Swelling of jaw and/or face

Here at Family Pet Clinic, our doctors have taken advanced courses in dental care so that we can provide excellent dental care to your pet

Our comprehensive dental exams include:

  • IV catheter, IV fluids, general anesthesia and monitoring (EKG, blood pressure, SPO2, etc)

  • Complete dental scaling of teeth both crown and below gum line (subgingival scaling is not possible in anesthesia free dentals leaving dental disease untouched)

  • Polishing of teeth

  • Oral exam by a veterinarian including probing around each tooth and looking for oral tumors around tongue or mouth

If any concerning signs of periodontal disease are found by our veterinarians we can then:

  • Take digital X-rays of the affected teeth to look for bone loss, root fractures or abscesses.

  • Use an antibiotic cement in deep periodontal pockets to try and re-grow bone and save a diseased tooth.

  • Extract any severely diseased teeth using the same type of dental equipment available to your dentist and close extractions with gingival flaps for optimal healing.

  • Ondontoplasty and bonding

Our veterinarians are happy to meet with you and discuss your pet’s oral health and what we may expect in a comprehensive dental exam. Please call to set up your appointment today.